Actions pour les Besoins des Femmes

ABF’s main purpose is to help women improve their daily life. Especially in the rural areas.

On average a woman will have her period, cumulatively, during 2 months per year.

So do the women in Africa, with the difference that they do not have any proper hygienic protection available to them.
This situation has the following consequences for them:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Health problems
  • Girls missing school
  • Difficulties to perform jobs

Our main purpose is to make washable protection kits available at an affordable price to change the above situation. Through sexual education we believe we will help decrease undesired pregnancies.

Who are we?

ABF is a nonprofit Burkinabé association started in 2016. The promoters of ABF come from the ASAP foundation which has been working in villages of Burkina Faso since 1997.

The product

The main product is a washable protection kit for women’s periods. It has been developed by the US association DAYS FOR GIRLS. ABF is using their knowledge and experience to develop the production of the kits in Burkina Faso.


One kit contains in one bag:

  • 2 pad holders
  • 8 pads
  • 2 panties
  • 1 wash cloth
  • 1 soap
  • 2 Ziploc bags
  • Instructions for use and menstruation calendar

The kits are accompanied by a (very important) lecture about sexual-, hygienic- and self defense education.


One kit costs €10 and can be used for at least 3 years.

Do you want to help one or more women or girls?
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